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Don’t Say You Love Me 19/19

Title: Don’t Say You Love Me
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Klaine, Endgame Kurtbastian
Words: 2129
Summary: The summer between Sophomore and Junior year, Kurt was accepted for an internship in Paris, France. During those three months, he fell in love with a boy he could never be with. A year later, this same boy shows up and Kurt has to choose between teh perfect boyfriend, or the boy who makes him feel more alive than he’s ever felt.
A/N: It’s finally done! I swear there will be a sequel coming soon. Like, in the next week soon because I know some people who will kill me if they don’t get it.


“Why are we here?” Kurt scowled, as they stood bundled up outside a building with a bright sign. “You know I hate this place.”

They were currently at the same karaoke bar they had been in when Kurt was almost molested. To say that Kurt wasn’t happy about it was an understatement. He had sworn to never step foot in that place again no matter what. Celeste and Lucas knew that he hated that place so he couldn’t understand why they had brought him there.

“Allons-y,” Celeste said, smiling as she pulled him through the door.

Kurt and Celeste found a seat while Lucas went to get some drinks. They sat, watching the locals sing as they discussed trivial things. Nothing really mattered at the moment and everything about Lima and Sebastian was the furthest thing from Kurt’s mind.

“Bonjour.” Kurt’s eyes widened as he saw Sebastian standing up on the stage. “This is dedicated to someone I was an ass to. I hope he can forgive me.”

As the beginning chords of the song began playing, Kurt’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out and looked to see Blaine’s name flashing. He took a deep breath and walked out of the bar, not chancing to look back at his friend on the stage.

“Hello?” He was trying so hard not to cry. Trying so hard to keep his voice level.


“What do you want, Blaine?”

“Wes called. He said that you were cheating on me.”

“First of all, I haven’t done anything of the sort. Second, you told me to pick between you and my friends. Finally, you have no say in what I do.”

“You were leaving me to go help some stranger.”

“You know what, Blaine? I know him so much better than I know you. I know his favorite food. He doesn’t like showing how much he cares, but he has a heart that’s bigger than anyone else I know. He loves to cuddle and he gets horny when he’s drunk, but he would never do anything without the other person giving consent. He wants to be a journalist, but his dad doesn’t approve. He would never let anyone see, but his guilty pleasure is that he’s designed some of the most amazing dresses I’ve ever seen. So don’t tell me that he’s some stranger.”


“I don’t want you to call me anymore, Blaine. We’ll talk when I get back, but as far as we’re concerned, we’re not dating over the holidays. Do whatever you want with that.”

“Don’t do this. I’m-”

“Goodbye, Blaine.”

Hanging up, Kurt sighed and leaned against the alley wall, trying to catch his thoughts. He couldn’t believe that Wes had told Blaine that he was cheating. He couldn’t believe that Blaine had the audacity to call and accuse him of anything.

The sound of a trash bin being knocked over reached his ears as his eyes snapped open. He saw Sebastian running the opposite way, which got his attention.

“Sebastian!” he called, running after the other boy. “Sebastian, wait!”

He stopped running as soon as he reached the corner of the street. A crash of thunder sounded and the rain began falling as Kurt stared at the crowd Sebastian had disappeared through. Tears slid down his cheeks, something he didn’t mind at the moment.

Sebastian had heard him talking to Blaine. Sebastian had seen him walking out while he was trying to apologize. He had ignored Sebastian who he cared deeply for to talk to his probably soon to be ex.

Instead of going back into the bar, he began walking. He didn’t care that he was getting drenched, had no coat, and very little money on him. He didn’t care that he had no idea of where he was going.

As soon as he looked up at a sign, he knew that the office was just around the corner if he wanted to go find Anna – she was probably still working. He couldn’t go there, though. He wouldn’t go back and force Sebastian to sit and talk things out. Sebastian needed space and he would give it.

He continued walking until he was exhausted. He slumped down on the ground, burying his head in his hands. He didn’t care if he was on some person’s steps or on some private property. Nothing mattered anymore, especially since he’s lost one of the only people who knew the real Kurt Hummel – not the outgoing musician who loved Broadway, but the shy, scared boy who felt he had to be strong for everyone even if it hurt him.

“Kurt!” He didn’t look up at his name being called. “Kurt! Come on, Princess!” There was silence as he waited for Sebastian to go. He didn’t want to deal with anyone. “Fuck, Kurt.” A jacket was wrapped around his shoulders before a pair of strong hands tried to lift him up. “What the hell are you thinking?”

“Go away, Sebastian,” Kurt muttered.

“I’m trying to help so give me a break and get your ass off the ground.”

“Leave me alone. I don’t want your help.” He didn’t mean for his voice to be so harsh. “I don’t want anyone’s help.”

“Well, boo fucking hoo. I don’t want your dad getting pissed off at me because you went and got pneumonia.”

Sighing, Kurt let himself be led to a car. He slid into the seat and sat, staring at the ground the entire ride. He didn’t want to be helped, but Sebastian had been right. His dad would be upset and worried and he had pneumonia while he was in Paris.

As soon they got to the house, Anna came running out with a concerned look on her face. She fussed over him as they went inside and got him into a change of clothes with a towel to dry his hair.

“What were you thinking?” Anna demanded. “You had all of us worried, especially after you disappeared from the club. Celeste called to see if you and Sebastian had ended up leaving together.”

“He hates me,” Kurt muttered. “He hates me and I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t know how to fix any of it.”

“Who hates you, sweetheart?”

“Sebastian. He heard me talking to Blaine, but he… he left before I could explain.”

He was pulled into her embrace before he completely broke down. The woman let him cling to her, just rubbing his back to calm him down. All the crying was getting him down and he didn’t need it. Not to mention Anna Smythe of all people was comforting him.

The next few days were spent tiptoeing around the house. Kurt had decided to take the couch instead of sleeping in Sebastian’s room so he could give the boy space. Wes had offered up his room, but he didn’t feel right taking it. Then there was Celeste and Lucas, who refused to let him stay with them. Instead, he spent every waking moment at the shop or holed up in Anna’s office she was letting him use.

“Hey, Kurt?” He ignored Sebastian’s voice from where the boy was standing in the doorway of the home office. “Maman wants you downstairs for presents.”

Standing up, Kurt followed Sebastian downstairs where the rest of the occupants of the house were. He sat next to Wes, about as far away from Sebastian as he could manage.  He wasn’t really in the holiday mood, but he would pretend to be until Anna let him hide away for the rest of the night.

Anna had explained the day before that on Christmas Eve, they would always open up their presents from each other. It was a tradition that her family always had and she’d enforced it upon Sebastian’s childhood as well.

“Kurt, these are from me,” Anna told him with a smile as she handed him two envelopes.

The first one was huge and his eyes bulged as he stared at the return address. It was from Parsons in New York. There was no way Anna could have gotten a hold of it so early. Acceptance letters didn’t even come out until March.

As he held his breath, he opened it and pulled out the first letter, only reading the first couple lines.

Dear Mr. Kurt Hummel,
We are pleased to announce that you have been accepted at Parsons in the upcoming fall semester.

“How did-?”

“I have a friend at Parsons who was able to arrange this.” He grinned and hugged her tightly before sitting back down. “And now for the other one?”

He opened the second letter, unsure of how anything could top his acceptance to Parsons. As he opened the letter, he glanced to see Sebastian staring down at the package in his lap. It was the present Kurt had gotten him and it actually looked a lot bigger than it really was.

As soon as he opened the single page, his eyes skimmed over it. He reread it about five times before he looked up to see Anna studying his face.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“If you and Sebastian would be willing to put up with each other, Richard and I would be willing to pay for an apartment for you boys.”

“That’s too much,” he refused, shaking his head. “You’ve already done too much for me already, Anna.”

“Nonsense,” Richard spoke up. “You’re part of the family, Kurt. And you’re able to keep our son under control.”

Kurt snorted with laughter as Sebastian looked offended and said, “Aren’t you both supposed to be on my side?”

“I don’t think anyone can control Sebastian.”

“Truer words have never been spoken,” Sebastian agreed with Kurt’s statement. “Now can I open my present from you or should I give it back since we’re not speaking anymore?”

Rolling his eyes, Kurt put his own presents aside. He watched as Sebastian pulled off the bow and unwrapped the package. The first thing the boy pulled out was a velvet-covered sketchbook. He set it gently to the side before pulling out a photo album with the pictures Kurt had found when he’d knocked over the picture frame.

“I thought I said-”

“It was the girls.”

He watched as Sebastian put the box off to the side when he noticed something else sitting in the box. He smirked as he pulled out the leather bracelet and said, “I knew you took it, thief.”

“I wouldn’t say I stole it. And I actually found it at the same shop you bought the original from.”

“You stole it. It was on the dresser the last night you were in town and when we left, it was gone. You were the only one in that room and you were wearing it when we all went out.”

Kurt stood up, taking his things with him as he said, “Sorry, Anna.”

Going into the bedroom, he tossed the presents on top of his suitcase before sitting on the bed. He stared at his hands, not looking up as the door opened. He knew it was Sebastian, though he didn’t know why he was up there.

“Hey, I’m… sorry.” He looked up at Sebastian, a frown on his face. “I’m a dick and I’ve been trying to not be as big of one, but… Dammit, Kurt. I’m trying. I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“About what?”

“Just come on. We’re going out.” He raised an eyebrow in question. Going out was normally not a good idea when it came to Sebastian. “We’ll be back later. I just want to show you something.”

As Kurt grabbed his coat, he let out a loud sigh. He was not looking forward to this in the slightest. If he knew Sebastian – boy did he know him – they were going clubbing or to get drunk.

“At least tell me which club we’re going to,” he stated as they got into the car.

“Nope. It’s a surprise.”


“Just shut up and you’ll see where we’re going.”

Kurt sat back in a huff, letting the silence wash over him. He could hear Sebastian singing under his breath as they drove, but he couldn’t tell what it was or bring himself to call him out on it.

Suddenly, it clicked what song Sebastian was singing. He smiled and began softly singing the chorus.

Listen to your heart
When he’s calling for you
Listen to your heart
There’s nothing else you can do
I don’t know where you’re going
And I don’t know why
Listen to your heart
Before you tell him goodbye

Sebastian glanced over in surprise, though his smile appeared, making Kurt’s stomach twist into knots. He turned back to the road, his eyes widening in fear as -


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