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dannyseguel prompted: can somebody write me a fic where the cat atack blaine for trying to kiss seb, and kurt just came an pet him and say, “that is my boy, papa is the only one who can kiss your daddy” 

Sebastian scowled at the stupid fluffy white persian that was laying on his blazer and getting hair all over it. What had he done to be punished with the stupid thing in his room? Sure he hadn’t minded the thing at first, but that was before it laid on his school blazer. It was Sunday night so he didn’t have time to have it dry cleaned.

“What’s going on?” Kurt asked as he and Blaine walked into the dorm room. “Oh, I forgot we promised to watch Merlin for the week while Hunter’s visiting his family.”

“Well, you can take the stupid thing and toss it in a-”

“Sebastian!” Kurt scolded. “Don’t threaten him! He’s such a sweet baby, aren’t you, Lube?”

“Who the hell names their cat Lube?” Sebastian murmured with the scowl even more pronounced.

Kurt just rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the small cat that had finally moved off of Sebastian’s blazer. At least Kurt could distract the stupid cat for a while.

“I should go,” Blaine said with a frown. “I have to study for that Latin test tomorrow.”

Sebastian smirked and stood up, closing in the space between himself and Blaine. Their lips were only inches apart when the sound of hissing reached Sebastian’s ears and he pulled away, laughing at the sound of Blaine’s startled cries. The cat was attacking Blaine’s arms, trying to claw its way up to his face.

“Get that damn thing away from me!” Blaine shouted as soon as Kurt had pulled the cat off. “It attacked me for no reason!”

“That’s my boy,” Kurt cooed as he pet the cat with a grin on his face. “Papa is the only one who can kiss your daddy.”

Blaine sent Sebastian a questioning gaze, which was just brushed off. Kurt had a thing for cats and he especially loved Hunter’s little monster of a cat. Sebastian couldn’t fault him, though. The persian was extremely protective of Kurt and didn’t like to see the human boy upset.

“That was mean,” Kurt finally said as soon as Blaine left the room. “You shouldn’t tease Merlin like that.”

“It was entertaining.” He grinned at Kurt as he moved over and leaned down to kiss Kurt. “You act just like a cat, you know, baby? We could get you some little ears and tight shorts…”

“You forget,” Kurt mumbled as Sebastian’s lips pressed against his. “Cats don’t wear clothes.” Sebastian groaned, pulling away. “Can we get me a tail too? You can help me get it in and-”

“Clothes. Off. Now.”

“Sebastian, Melin’s in here. We can’t just-”

Sebastian grabbed the catnip that was hiding on a high shelf and tossed it into the closet, watching Merlin follow after it before locking the door. He walked over with a smirk and said, “I think he’ll be fine in there while you blow me.”

“Fuck,” Kurt breathed as Sebastian attacked his neck.

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